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Virtual Training Topics and Descriptions

Check out our upcoming Virtual Training to learn more about the following topics.

Water Systems & Accessories Fundamentals – Fundamental discussion of how water systems are constructed, and the different accessories used with various pumps & applications. Additionally, how a pressure tank functions and its role within a water system.

Above Ground Home & Irrigation Pumps 101 – A complete overview of above ground pumps used for home and irrigation. Explanation of shallow and deep well jet pumps along with straight and self-priming centrifugal pumps. How these pumps work, installation and priming. How to identify each pump through distinct visual characteristics.

House of Resistance – The five things you need to know. A simple and easy method to size a centrifugal pump for a  variety of irrigation applications. Best of all, this is an easy to retain technique for pump sizing.

Submersible Motor Testing with Meters * Meggers – Learn how to determine if a motor is good, grounded, shorted, open winding and mixed leads all with a multimeter. Additionally, understand insulation resistance with the use of a megohmmeter.

Submersible Pumps & Motors – A complete walk through a submersible pump and motor. Identifying all the key components, their feature & benefit, their function and materials of construction.

How to “OHM-Out” a Jet/Centrifugal Pump Motor – Understand how to check out a jet or centrifugal pump motor. Determine if the motor is good or the various causes for failure. Additionally, how to test a capacitor.

House of Resistance For Subs – The things you need to know to size a submersible pump. Using the House of Resistance, this method simplifies pump sizing. A new technique that’s easy to remember.

Submersible Pumps and Motor Troubleshooting – What are the recommended steps for troubleshooting a submersible pump and motor, making it possible to determine root cause failure and course of action.
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