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Commander® Pro VFD Systems

Commander® Pro VFD Systems

Drives & Controls

Designed for the professional pump installer, Commander® Pro VFD packages feature:

  • Easy-to-read diagnostic display
  • Increases flow as demand increases
  • Adjustable constant pressure
  • Automatic pump and motor protection
  • Superior cooling and dust protection
  • Meets Part 15 Class A FCC electronic interference standards
  • Programming lockout for secure operation
  • Tamper-proof cover
  • Automatic fan designed to maximize cooling
  • NEMA 3R for indoor/outdoor use
  • 3 year limited warranty on the drive/VFD
  • 5 year limited warranty on the pump end and motor


  • Residential water systems – ‘city-like’ water pressure, smaller tank saves space
  • Geothermal systems – No need for large buried tanks, eliminates pressure cycling
  • Lawn irrigation systems – Even distribution of water in zones, eliminates need for separate system
  • Water treatment systems – More efficient back flushing, no need for multiple pumps

Systems include:

  • Flint & Walling VS controller
  • Factory-specified pump end for optimal performance and efficiency. Specifically factory-engineered to be compatible with VS controllers.
  • Water-lubricated motor. Performance matched for long life. Specified to avoid overload.
Hertz 60 Hz
Volts Input: 200-250 V; Output: Variable
TagAmp Input: 19.0 Amps; Output: 8.1 Amps
Phase Input: 1 Ph; Output: 3 Ph

Model Comparison Charts

Pump Performance Charts

Pump Performance Curves

Department of Energy Compliance Data

Model Number PEI(VL) Impeller Diameter
TVS2035LT/TVS2035LT .59 3.072
TVS3035LT/TVS3035LT .53 3.072
TVS3055LT/TVS3055LT .56 3.075
TVS3085LT/TVS3085LT .61 3.070