Where can I buy an F&W pump or repair parts?Where to Buy
Where can I find someone to repair my F&W pump?Authorized Service Stations
Do I need an RMA to return a product?Every Warranty field destroy or return for any reason must be accompanied by a return authorization number issued by the tech support department by e-mail, Phone or Fax. To contact tech support, email
What is the warranty of my F&W product?The length of warranty on pumps and pump systems is one year from the date of purchase, however an extended warranty is available on most products. For more information, contact your F&W dealer. NOTE: we offer 90 day warranty on repair parts


Will I get a better performance from my well if I install a larger pump?Not necessarily. The pump is sized specifically for an application and a higher capacity pump may over-pump the well.
Where can I find the model & serial number for my pump?Model and serial number are located on the model/date code label on the pump itself. The serial number is also located on the pump on a separate label
What is the difference between a 2-wire submersible and a 3-wire submersible well pump?2 wire submersible pumps do not require a control box. A 3 wire submersible does require a control box. For the most part, application and geographical location determine whether a 2 wire or a 3 wire is used.
Does my F&W jet pump need to be oiled or greased?F&W motors are equipped with permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearings and require no lubrication.
How do I prime by jet or centrifugal pump? A priming port is located on the pump body for easy priming. Priming instructions are part of the installation instructions included with every F&W product.
How to Prime a Jet Pump
How do I winterize my jet or centrifugal pumpTo avoid damage due to freezing, a pump and all piping must be left thoroughly and completely drained or removed to a location that would stay above freezing for the cold months.

How to Winterize a Jet Pump

Can I use an extension cord to connect my pump to an electrical outlet?Do not use an extension cord to operate any F&W product.
What should the pressure be on my F&W Air-E-Tainer tank?The pressure in an Air-e-tainer tank , when empty of water, should be 2 PSI lower than the cut-in pressure of the pressure switch.
Where do I find my F&W sales representative?Sales Representatives