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Let’s build a legacy. Together.


Como contratista, usted es el elemento vital de nuestra industria. Eres tú quien se enfrenta al cliente final, lo mira a los ojos e instala una bomba que le suministrará agua durante los próximos años. Pero cuando surge un problema, ¿quién está detrás de ti?

It should be a Partner. More than a supplier, we’d like to partner with you in business. With the new F&W Partners program, you’re not standing alone. We trust you to represent the F&W family well, just like you trust us to build high-quality pumps. Every time.

In return, we’d like to give your business our support by adding you to our “Donde comprar” locator, rewards by giving you $3 for every pump and motor submitted, and limited warranties on your F&W product.

We appreciate the hundreds of our Partners spread nationwide. We know what Partnership takes – trust. But our Partnership means more than just trust – we promise you a relationship, support, rewards, warranties, and quality. That’s what it means to be a Flint & Walling Partner.

Find out how to join our partnership aquí.


¿Necesita algún apoyo adicional?

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