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We would love to have you join in for our webinar training series.  Follow the links next to each date to register. Below you will also find links to our archived webinar recordings for your convenience. All webinars start on EST. 

Topic Overview

F&W History / Products Overview- A 30 minute historic to current timeline is shown for F&W as a 154-year-old pump company. Discover the many "firsts" F&W has to its credit. Additionally, a complete product offering is displayed showing the many different types of pumps manufactured by F&W.

Irrigation Pumps 101- Provides an overview of various types of pumps used for irrigation. The objective of this course is to enable the attendee to visually identify various types of irrigation pumps. To be able to determine one type of pump from another without the need to resort to model numbers or catalogs.

Centrifugal Pump Virtual Tear-Down & Repair-  Virtual tear-down of a centrifugal pump identifying key components. How to replace a shaft seal and inspect the motor for possible issues.

City Water Booster Pumps - This course provides a complete understanding of this pump such as: identifying key components and their purpose, proper installation, priming, performance, on-board protection, winterization.

Floating Fountain Pond Pumps Systems - A great look at the F&W design of floating fountain pond pumps. Proper installation and maintenance along with exclusive features and benefits.

House of Resistance - A new easy to use and easy to understand pump sizing tool. (Training Module available to attendees for download in a pdf format)

Why Wolf? - An overview of the Wolf manufacturing facility and the many component options available. Also included, will be an explanation of the many strong features and benefits Wolf Pumps provide

F&W 4" Submersible Pump Ends- A walk through a submersible pump end (top to bottom). Understanding the features and benefits to the following components: Check Valve, Discharge Bearing, Thrust Washers and impeller design. What is F&W's "Floating Stack" design? Staging and performance

F&W 4” Submersible Motors / Multi-Meter Testing -  This course identities key components within a 4” submersible motor. Additionally, how to use a multi-meter to determine if a submersible motor is good, grounded, shorted, has open windings or mixed leads. Understanding resistance values and how they relate to troubleshooting a motor.

VFD Quick-Start Programming- What you should know prior to programming a VFD. This course walks you through the quick-start programming for F&W's Commander Pro Variable Frequency Drives.

Basic Water System Design - A fundamental discussion on how wells are drilled, developed and utilized as part of a complete water system. Jet Pumps, Submersible Pumps, how does a pressure tank work? Identifying key accessories for proper installations.

Archived Webinar Recordings:

Irrigation Pumps 101City Water Booster PumpsFloating Fountain Pond Pump Systems 
VFD Quick-Start Programming House of Resistance Irrigation SizingMultimeter Testing of Submersible Motors
Centrifugal Pump Tear Down & Repair 4'' Submersible Pump EndsWhy Wolf?
F&W History - Products Overview

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