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We would love to have you join in for our webinar training series. Each is offered twice for your convenience. Follow the links next to each date to register. Below you will also find links to our archived webinar recordings for your convenience. 

Topic Overview

Irrigation Pumps 101 – Provides an overview of various types of pumps used for irrigation. The
objective of this course is to enable the attendee to visually identify various types of irrigation pumps. To be able to determine one type of pump from another without the need to resort to model numbers or catalogs.

City Water Pressure Booster Pumps – This course provides a complete understanding of this
pump such as: Identifying key components and their purpose, proper installations, priming, performance, on-board protection, winterization.

House of Resistance Irrigation Pump Sizing – A new easy to use and easy to understand pump
sizing tool. (Training Module available for download for attendees)

Multi-Meter Testing of Submersible Pump Motors – This course identifies key components
within a 4” submersible motor. Additionally, how to use a multi-meter to determine if a submersible motor is good, grounded, shorted, has open windings or mixed leads. Understanding resistance values and how they relate to troubleshooting a motor.

Centrifugal Pump Tear down & Repair – Virtual tear down of a centrifugal pump identifying key

components. How to replace a shaft seal and inspect the motor for possible issues.

Archived Webinar Recordings:

Irrigation Pumps 101

City Water Booster Pumps

House of Resistance Irrigation Sizing

Multimeter Testing of Submersible Motors

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4/6/2020 - 2:00 PM

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