Flint & Walling values all our hard-working Partners, and we want to highlight the Top 10 Partners of 2020. These Partners installed the most water well pumps and verified their purchases. Thank you for your commitment to F&W, and we look forward to continuing our Partnership!

Top Partner Lol

Meet F&W's 2020 Top Partner, Rogue Valley Pump! Rogue Valley Pump was established in 1996 in Grants Pass, Oregon, by brothers John and Dave Dennis - since then, Dave's son James has become part-owner. Since its founding, RVP has been committed to high quality, customer experience, and community.

To ensure high quality, RVP promises an honest diagnosis with several options. If the customer wants to fix anything themselves, RVP will relay how to do so. If the customer wants professional service, they have called the right place. Rogue Valley is dedicated to not only providing high-quality services but using high-quality products. James told F&W that they are committed to our products because our pumps have outperformed others, we have had a successful history, and we are family-owned.

Rogue Valley Pump knows that for a customer to have a great experience, the RVP team needs to be well cared for. That's why RVP makes sure all employees have time to spend with their families - even during the busy season. When employees are happy, they are sure to provide more outstanding customer service.

Community means everything to the Dennis family. John is the chairman of a Christan schoolboard; Dave works with a male church group; James is an elder at their church, teaching when the pastor is away. In addition to serving their community, Rogue Valley Pump is dedicated to helping families in the Slums of Nairobi. James has been working with an organization in Kenya to donate one filter per pump installed by RVP - each filter serving a family of 4-6. This one-for-one water program is still in the planning stages, but RVP is excited to get it started!

Thank you, Rogue Valley Pump! Your commitment to Flint & Walling, your customers, team, and community is inspiring. We appreciate your partnership and are proud to have you as our 2020 F&W Top Partner!

2020 Top 10 Partners

Top Partner

Rogue Valley Pump

Grants Pass, OR

Second Partner

Franklin's Enterprises

Weaverville, NC

Third Partner

Berg Well Drilling

Traverse City, MI

Fourth Partner

Adams Plumbing & Heating

Long Lake, NY

Fifth Partner

Northern Virginia Drilling

Manassas, VA

Sixth Partner

Wheels Water Service

Melrose, MN

Seventh Partner

Alpine Pump

Monroe, OR

Eighth Partner

Beaver Lake Pump Service

Garfield, AR

Ninth Partner

Affordable Pump Service

Shady Cove, OR

Tenth Partner

Latta Well & Pump

Wilton, IA