This set of pumps is designed for use as residential sprinkler pumps. These provide a great solution for lawn and turf irrigation in various settings.

SPJ High-Volume Lawn Sprinkler Pump

High capacity, high volume, self-priming lawn sprinkling pump

SP Self-Priming Lawn Sprinkler Pump

Designed for lawn sprinkling, irrigation and water transfer.

SPM High Power Centrifugal Pumps

Designed for lawn and turf sprinkling, irrigation and water transfer

CJ101 Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump

Two or three stage pumps for suction lifts up to 25' (8 m).

CJ103 Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump

Single stage pumps for suction lifts up to 25' (8 m).

Artesian Drive® Irrigation Controller

Eliminates pressure cycling associated with conventional pressure switch controlled water pumping systems.

Centrifugal Packages

Cruise control for your irrigation water system.

Irrigation Pumping Stations

Artesian Drive® pumping stations deliver flow and pressure where you want it.