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CSM Two-Tank Water Softeners

Features andBenefits
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  • Custom, metered valve regenerates based on actual water usage, saves water and salt by regenerating only when needed.

  • Two-tank design for easy maintenance and 250 lb. (113 Kg) salt storage capacity.

  • High-capacity resin ensures maximum softening capability.

  • Removes up to 3 PPM clear water iron.

  • Automatic, internal by-pass valve for constant household water flow, even during regeneration cycles.

  • Salt support platform allows for use of many types of salt.

  • Safety brine overflow protection standard equipment.

  • Turbulator “Rust purge” backwash system.

  • Three-year limited warranty on control valve.

  • Ten-year limited warranty on mineral tank.

  • One-year limited warranty on other parts.


120 V
Overall Dimensions
Brine Tank: 15" x 15" x 36" (38 x 38 x 91 cm)
Product Dimensions
Mineral Tank: CSM30 9" x 56" (23 x 142 cm), CSM45 10" x 62" (25 x 157 cm)
Weight UM
CSM30 92 lb (42 Kg); CSM45 122 lb (55 Kg)

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