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Vertical/Deep Well Jet Pumps

Vertical, single and multi-stage jet pumps with exclusive vacuum-operated regulator or adjustable automatic pressure regulator

Features andBenefits
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VA series: Two stage with exclusive, totally automatic pressure automatically adjusts to varying depths and discharge pressures. No manual adjustments necessary.


VS series: Two stage with adjustable diaphragm pressure provides maximum capacities and pressure at all times.


VPH series: Single stage with adjustable diaphragm pressure regulator, which provides maximum capacities and pressure at all times.

  • Nema J dual voltage motor features copper windings, double ball bearings and overload protection with automatic reset.
  • Precision-molded impeller and diffuser insures perfect alignment and ultra-smooth passages for high performance and reliability.
  • Large one-piece pump case design, pump can be disassembled without disturbing well or discharge pipes.
  • Top-located priming port and discharge prevents air lock and allows for easy priming.
  • Convenient tappings for draining of pump and installation of pressure switch and pressure gauge.

60 Hz
3/4, 1, 1-1,2 HP
115 or 230 V
3450 RPM
1 Ph
1 and 2 stage
Impeller Type
  • 54
  • 2
  • 24