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Combo Series
CSIM Softener/Ferrous Iron Filters

Features andBenefits
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  • Removes iron better than standard softeners - up to 8 ppm ferrous "clear water" iron.
  • Special multi-layered resin bed filters out iron, dirt and sediment in addition to softening water.
  • Features double backwash system to scrub iron and turbidity from resin bed.
  • Includes salt support platform to prevent clogging and reduce the need for brine tank clean out.
  • Safety brine valve float assembly prevents messy overflow problems.
  • Meter intiated valve to maximize salt and water conservation.


Premier Softener Selection Chart

120 V
Overall Dimensions
Brine Tank: 14" x 14" x 34" (36 x 36 x 86 cm)
Product Dimensions
Softener: CSIM34 - 10" x 44" (25 x 112 cm), CSIM68: 12" x 52" (30 x 132 cm)
Weight UM
120.5 lb (54.7 Kg)

Model Specification Charts