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Low Lead Content

Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act. Public Law 111-380-Jan, 4, 2011 amends Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (42 U.S.C. 300g-6) This new low lead requirement will become law in January of 2014.

What does all of this mean to F&W customers? It means that any product that touches potable water needs to meet the low lead requirement in January, 2014. The formulas are complicated, but to summarize, the wetted surface of a complete unit (Pump) can not contain more than 0.25% lead.

Pumps used exclusively for non-potable services such as manufacturing, industrial processing, irrigation, outdoor watering, or any other uses where the water is not anticipated to be used for human consumption are not required to meet the low lead requirements of the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act

A majority of F&W pumps are low lead compliant products.  For most of the pumps that do not meet this requirement F&W has developed a low lead alternative pump. Check valves, foot valves and many other parts that are sold separately must individually meet the .25% requirement and as a result, will no longer be available in leaded brass.

Flint & Walling has third party maximum lead content testing certification. The following products meet AB1953, Proposition 65 and Bill 372 standards.

In addition to the models listed below, all F&W 4" and 6P submersibles meet requirements for low lead standards.

C22131 CJ103P101 PB0508A031 PB1014S101T PB1914S201 PB3506S203
C22133 CJ103P103 PB0508C031 PB1014S103 PB1914S201T PB3506S203T
C22151 CJ103P151 PB0508C031T PB1014S103T PB1914S203 PB3508A301
C22153 CJ103P153 PB0508S031 PB1014S151EP PB1914S203T PB3508A303
C22231 CPH05 PB0508S031T PB1016A151 PB1920X151 PB3508A303T
C22233 CPH051622 PB0508X031 PB1016A153 PB1920X153 PB3508C301
C22233H CPH05S PB0508Y031 PB1016AD PB1920Y151 PB3508C301T
C22251 CPH05SA PB0508Z031 PB1016C151 PB1920Y151T PB3508C303
C22253 CPH07 PB0512A051 PB1016C151EP PB1920Y153 PB3508C303T
C22253H CPH071726 PB0512A053 PB1016C151T PB1920Y153T PB3508S301
C22273 CPH10 PB0512AD PB1016C153 PB1920Y153V PB3508S301T
C22273H CPHX03 PB0512C051 PB1016C153T PB1920Z151 PB3508S303
CJ101B1510AB CPHX03S1422 PB0512C051T PB1016S151 PB1920Z151T PB3508S303T
CJ101B151AB CPHX05 PB0512C053 PB1016S151B PB1920Z153 PB3508X151
CJ101B153AB CPHX05S1524 PB0512C053T PB1016S151T PB1920Z153T PB3508Y151
CJ101B2010AB CPHX07 PB0512S051 PB1016S153 PB1920Z153V PB3508Y151T
CJ101B201AB CPHX07S1632 PB0512S051T PB1016S153EP PB1922Y201 PB3508Z151
CJ101B203AB CPHX10 PB0512S053 PB1016S153T PB1922Y203V PB3508Z151T
CJ101C201AB CPJ03SB PB0512S053T PB1020X101 PB1922Z201 PB3508Z153T
CJ101C203AB CPJ05222 PB0514X051 PB1020X103 PB2706S071 PB3514X301T
CJ101C301AB CPJ05B PB0514Y051 PB1020X103T PB2711A201 PB3514X303T
CJ101C303 CPJ05BCW PB0514Y051T PB1020Y101 PB2711A203 PB3514Y301T
CJ101C303AB CPJ05SB PB0514Z051 PB1020Y101T PB2711C201 PB3514Y303T
CJ101D201 CPJ07222 PB0514Z051T PB1020Y103 PB2711C201T PB3514Z301T
CJ101D203 CPJ07B PB0516A071 PB1020Y103T PB2711C203 PB3514Z303T
CJ101D301 CPJ07SB PB0516A073 PB1020Z101 PB2711C203T PB5504A201
CJ101D303 CPJ10222 PB0516C071 PB1020Z101T PB2711S201 PB5504A203
CJ101P071 CPJ10B PB0516C071T PB1020Z103 PB2711S201A PB5506A301
CJ101P073 CPJ10SB PB0516C073 PB1020Z103T PB2711S201T PB5506A303
CJ101P101 CPJ15 PB0516C073T PB1022X101 PB2711S203 PB5506C303
CJ101P103 CPJ15222 PB0516S071 PB1022X103 PB2711S203T PB8504A201
CJ101P151 CPJ15S PB0516S071T PB1022Y101 PB2714A301 PB8504A203
CJ101P153 CPJ15S3 PB0516S073 PB1022Y101T PB2714A303 PB8505A301
CJ101P201 CXJ103051 PB0516S073T PB1022Y103 PB2714C301 PB8505A303
CXJ103071 PB0712A071 PB1022Y103T PB2714C301T SPJ07P1
CJ103051TAB CXJ103101 PB0712A073 PB1022Z101 PB2714C303 SPJ07P3
CJ103071 EK05 PB0712AD PB1022Z101T PB2714C303T SPJ10P1
CJ103071PC EK05S PB0712C071 PB1022Z103 PB2714S301 SPJ10P3
CJ103071T EK05SAT25 PB0712C071T PB1022Z103T PB2714S301T SPJ15B1
CJ103073 EK05SCB PB0712C073 PB1023X101 PB2714S303 SPJ15B1CW
CJ103073T EK05SCW PB0712C073T PB1023X103 PB2714S303T SPJ15B3
CJ103101 EK07 PB0712S071 PB1023Y101 PB2717X201 SPJ15P1
CJ103101PC EK07S PB0712S071T PB1023Y101T PB2717X203 SPJ20B1
CJ103101T EK07SAT44H PB0712S073 PB1023Y103 PB2717Y201 SPJ20B3
CJ103103 EK07SCB PB0712S073T PB1023Y103T PB2717Y201T SPJ30B1
CJ103103T EK10 PB0714X071 PB1023Z101 PB2717Y203 SPJ30B3
CJ103151 EK10S PB0714Y071 PB1023Z101T PB2717Y203T SPXJ05P1
CJ103151T FCP208 PB0714Y071T PB1023Z103 PB2717Z201 SPXJ07B1
CJ103153 FCP208S PB0714Z071 PB1023Z103T PB2717Z201T SPXJ07B3
CJ103153T FCP212 PB0714Z071T PB1905C051 PB2717Z203 SPXJ10B1
CJ103201 FCP212S PB1014A101 PB1905S051 PB2717Z203T VA207P
CJ103201T FCP3208 PB1014A103 PB1909C151T PB3506A201 VA210P
CJ10320 FCP3208S PB1014AD PB1909C153T PB3506A203 VA215P
CJ103203T FCP3312 PB1014C101 PB1914A201 PB3506C201 VPH10
CJ103P031 FCP3312-L PB1014C101T PB1914A203 PB3506C201T VS207P
CJ103P051 FCP3312S PB1014C103 PB1914C201 PB3506C203 VS210P
CJ103P053 FCP3420 PB1014C103 PB1914C201T PB3506C203T VS215P
CJ103P071 FCP3420S PB1014S101 PB1914C203 PB3506S201 VSX210P
CJ103P073 FRP212 PB1014S101B PB1914C203T PB3506S201T