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CCF Series Air Induction Water Treatment Systems

Chemical-free air induction water treatment system

Features andBenefits
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  • Iron taste in water

  • Rotten egg smell caused by sulfur (up to 1.0 PPM)

  • Rust stains on laundry, tub, toilet and sink

  • Foul-tasting water and beverages

  • Corroding pipe and fixtures due to acidity


  • A single water treatment system that corrects many tough water problems like ferrous iron, sulfur, taste, odor, color, low pH and turbidity.

  •  Less costly than multiple filter installations.

  •  No chemical required to regenerate the unit.

  •  No pretreatment chemicals are required.

  •  A periodic backwash is all that is required to keep the unit operating at top performance.


  • Fully automatic, motor-operated control valve with 12 day timer.

  • Strong, corrosion-proof polyglass wound mineral tanks.

  • High-quality, mixed blend filtering mineral.

  • Heavy brass injector assembly with air intake adjustment and water by-pass.

  • Rugged air release assembly constructed of chemical resistant thermoplastic and stainless steel. (optional)

120 V
Product Dimensions
CCF10: 10" x 44" (25 x 112 cm); CCF20: 12" x 52" (30 x 132 cm)
Weight UM
CCF10: 137 lb (62 Kg); CCF20: 235 lb (107 Kg)

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