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Customer Rewards Program

Join the F&W Professional PrimeTimes® dealer program today and enjoy the benefits:

  • Grow your business
  • Earn rewards
  • and more!

The Flint & Walling Professional PrimeTimes® Dealer program is simple . . . Flint & Walling now provides you with more than quality products and unbeatable service . . . When you sign up as a Professional PrimeTimes® Dealer, your yearly purchases can qualify you for the Flint & Walling customer referral program, the chance for a $1,000 donation to the charity of your choice, and even CASHBack!

All you need to do is complete the registration/survey form either through your F&W distributor, by mail, in person with your Flint & Walling sales representative, or on line using the PrimeTimes® Sign-Up Form link below.

Primetimes Signup Form 2015 - Mail in

PrimeTimes Signup Form -- Online

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